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"Someday I'll Give Back!" What If THat DAY COULD BE Today, And What If It Was Profitable?

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We Make Giving Back AND Business Growth "A Real Thing" By Unlocking $120,000USD A Year In Advertising Credits.

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Updated: 5th December, 2023

Dear entrepreneur,

We get it.

You're hustling hard.

Building that empire.

But deep down?

There's that itch.

That urge to give back.

But when? How?

And at what cost?

And charities?

You're no fan of money pits.

You want impact.

Real change.

Not just a pat on the back.

Here's the deal.

You're caught in the entrepreneur's maze.

Shiny objects left and right.

Blog? Podcast?

Branding marathon on Instagram?

Decision overload.

It's a hot mess.


Heck, yes.

But there is another way.


Why are you here?

You're craving more.

Not just profits.

You want purpose.

Meaning. Impact.

Time for the big reveal:

Socialpreneur Ad Grant Advantage (SAGA).

It's not your average accelerator.

It's your ticket to meaningful business.




Now, let's talk client getting...

The magic of SAGA?

"Shared leads".

You're not just funding a cause.

You're fueling your business too.

One set of leads – dual purpose.

Help your cause.

Grow your business.

Win, win, and another win.

Ready to ditch the old playbook?

No more guilt wanting to give back.

No more blind charity donations.

No more shiny objects.

It's a golden opportunity for entrepreneur trailblazers like you who wish to scale their businesses and make a difference in the world.

The Socialpreneur Ad Grant Advantage is not merely a super powered advertising tool – it's a catalyst for transformation.

By aligning your entrepreneurial endeavors with philanthropic initiatives.

We leverage Google's Ad Grant program to help you grow while contributing to causes you value.

Where giving back isn't a "someday dream".

It's your chance to give back now AND grow your business.

Rewrite your entrepreneurial SAGA...

...where profit meets purpose.

This initiative is not intended for those seeking mere traffic growth or an exploitative approach to the $10,000 monthly Google ad grant.

What’s your next move?

“The best thing about making money is that it ends up freeing you up to make your real impact on the world.”

- Alex Hormozi



Optional turnkey monthly ads management with Google certified ad grant experts.

92% of businesses we work with get their $10,000 USD monthly Google search advertising credit within 28 business days.



Optional turnkey monthly ads management with Google certified ad grant experts.

how to get the $10k AD grant & RAINDOWN LEADS



Optional turnkey monthly ads management with Google certified ad grant experts.

92% of businesses we work with get their $10,000 USD monthly Google search advertising credit within 28 business days.


roadmap vision

A clear throated and robust roadmap vision. With our program, you'll always know:

Where your monthly ad grant credits are going

How many people you're helping to upskill

How many leads you're generating

How to provide the maximum value to your associated charity with the least time investment

What do you get?

We wear our fondness for entrepreneurs who grasp the game-changing potential of platforms like Google Ads and the merits of a business-savvy socialpreneur approach on our sleeves.

Witness the waves we've made with pioneering leaders already. 👇

Case Study | Prayaana

India’s Only Free Women’s Employability

& Entrepreneurship Initiative

Founder: Dr. Chandra Vadhana R. (UN Awarded)

Objective: Enable Indian women to gain training and secure employment

Pyarse's Contribution:

  • Secured a Google ad grant and tripled the number of women benefiting from training and employment opportunities

  • Performed keyword research and devised a robust growth strategy

  • Implemented the strategy effectively, including the building of long-form landing pages and a website

"This is a 'Thankyou Post' on behalf of my non-profit Prayaana Labs in India, to Roderic Andrews [Pyarse] for helping us obtain the Google AdGrants for Non-profits. He was persistent in doing all the things including solving technical issues in the website and getting us many more members." - Chandra

Case Study | World Growth Mindset

Revolutionizing Entrepreneurial Education

Founder: Vince Tan

Objective: Reach and educate 500 million entrepreneurs

Pyarse's Contribution:

  • Launched the nonprofit initiative "World Growth"

  • Obtained $10,000 monthly ad credits to extend reach

  • Developed marketing strategies resulting in over 10,000 aspiring entrepreneurs reached and 2,041 qualified leads in the first 30 days

  • Provided comprehensive naming, branding, and growth strategy services

  • Constructed fully optimized client-acquisition funnels and high-converting opt-ins

"Pyarse is pivotal in our mission to educate young entrepreneurial altruists in Malaysia. We're not only imparting growth strategies but also nurturing a community of socially conscious entrepreneurs." - Vince


We don't dictate your vision; we enhance it.

We don't just offer advice; we listen.

We're not just an accelerator; we're your partner in impact.

Case Study | Ultimate Resources

Elevating Charity Through Sales Education

Founder: Aaron Chong

Objective: Teach sales to aspiring entrepreneurs

Pyarse's Contribution:

  • Created the charity, including naming and branding, obtained ad grant

  • Revitalized and realigned failed philanthropic initiatives

  • Designed and executed lead generation strategies

  • Conducted keyword research, growth strategy, and implementation

  • Fully built client-getting funnels and a high-converting opt-in

"Pyarse is empowering us to educate an entire generation of sales-oriented philanthropists for free, and many are advancing their skills with our charitable programs." - Aaron

Are you eligible for $120,000 in free ad credits to explode your leads & give back?


We are on a mission to transform successful entrepreneurs, who seek a greater sense of purpose (and advertising superpowers), into “socialpreneurs" who are not only successful in their businesses but who also make a significant social impact.

Your Social Contribution

• Launch your own social good & ad grant powered NPO

• Upskill thousands of people with your high-value “trade secret” content.

• Obtain a 2nd ad grant & ad campaign setup for a charity of your choice.

• Satisfaction of consulting your chosen charity quarterly to greater success.

• Free heavily discounted software for your chosen charity.

• YouTube’s nonprofit program

Your Business Benefit

• Naming, branding, legal, copywriting, website, blog and NPO creation.

• You'll get $10,000 every month in Google Search ad credits for life.

• Test campaign ideas and offers without counting every penny.

• Ad credits best used to promote your content, get leads and build lists.

• Halve your costs or double your conversions.

• Use our proven Google ad manager partners or your own ads managers.

• Retarget your audiences using paid accounts to any other domain.

• Send commercial emails from any account to leads

• Get 30% - 65% off any SaaS app you can think of


What exactly does pyarse do for cBanner Gif KKPYAharities?

Pyarse specializes in accelerating the growth of charities through a range of services such as branding, growth strategies, obtaining Google Ad Grants on behalf of our charitiy partners and technical implementation. Our objective is to maximize your impact efficiently.

Who makes up the Pyarse team and what experience do they have in digital marketing and charity work?

Our team brings together experts in growth marketing, CRO, lead gen, copywriting, and art direction. With a track record of success in both big-name corporations and charitable organizations, we know how to make an impact.

How does the application process work, and what criteria do you look for in a charity?

We're open to applications from global charities down to local nonprofits who are passionate and doing amazing work yet facing growth marketing challenges. We choose three charity founders per cohort. Our preference goes to those who grasp the transformative power of tools like Google Ads and see the benefits of a business-smart approach in charity work.

The actual camapugns will start as quickly as possible, sometimes within a week of signing.

What are the costs involved in working with Pyarse?

While we are pleased to provide our services without a fee, we do have certain collaborative prerequisites. These include a level of autonomy to execute tasks effectively and efficiently. We value your input and your objectives are our marching orders. However, we expect a degeree of autonomy in carrying out the process once started. Think of us like a digital SWAT team that swoop in to get the job done.

Additionally, we require your commitment to promptly provide necessary materials and responses within a 24-hour timeframe, following our requests. Your agreement to these terms, which will be formalized in a mutual agreement, is essential for our collaboration.

How does Pyarse differ from other growth marketing agencies?

Unlike other agencies, Pyarse is a team of professionals from the private sector, including CRO specialists, lead generation experts, growth marketers, copywriters, art directors, and account managers and of course we don't charge which is pretty rare. We bring entrepreneurial and startup agility and proven strategies to the nonprofit sector.



How would you spend the monthly $10,000 Google search ad spend if you could test any campaign or offer that aligned with your social good goals?

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